Our Purpose

We are redefining the role of the anesthesia provider as a trusted partner on the patient care team by promoting a collaborative perioperative process from admission through discharge.

We are devoted to team-oriented patient safety and satisfaction built on our core values:


Our anesthesia providers are trusted leaders and partners on the patient care team who collaborate to deliver efficient and safe perioperative management from admission to discharge. We value openness, respect, trust and affection.


We strive to deliver best practice in anesthesiology by promoting transparency in our working practices and relationships.


We respect our colleagues and our patients, and always seek to learn and innovate.


We are committed to being trusted members of our clinical community by demonstrating skill, dedication and integrity.


We care about our colleagues, working constantly to improve the environment in which we work so that our patients may get the best possible care.

Our Care Model

Collaboration, compassion, and a commitment to excellence drive our care.

We understand that surgery is not an everyday occurrence for anyone except us. That’s why we take time before your procedure to make sure you feel confident and prepared.

We collaborate closely with other members of your care team from a foundation of trust and respect. Together with the certified registered nurse anesthetist, surgeon, perioperative nurses and technicians, we provide every patient with safe, uncompromising care before, during, and after surgery.

We also work hard to forge strong partnerships with hospitals, surgical centers, healthcare systems and insurance providers in the North Carolina area.

Community Involvement

At Scope Anesthesia we are dedicated to our local community and charitable giving and involvement. Our team members are active in fundraising, community events, and more. We are more than just anesthesia providers. We are part of the community.

Meet Our Team of Professionals

Academic Achievements

Publishing and presentations allow us to share and discuss our findings with our colleagues in the field.