We believe all good medicine is personal.

However advanced we may have become technologically, we all still crave one-on-one connections. That’s why we’ve placed good communication at the core of everything we do. You can trust us to communicate fully with you and with your loved ones, with each other and with every member of your medical team. For us, these moments of personal connection and one-on-one communication are not only gratifying and meaningful, they inform every part of your anesthesia care plan.

At Scope Anesthesia, we share one goal: to be sure you are safe and comfortable throughout your procedure. Our uniquely qualified physicians will talk to you about any medications you’re taking, your current health, and any past illnesses to create an anesthesia care plan that is customized exclusively for you. Throughout your procedure, your anesthesia team will continue this same level of personalized care, making any adjustments as needed.

While it’s true that each patient’s anesthesia care plan is customized, the Scope Anesthesia experience is always the same. You will recover in a comfortable, warm environment. You won’t wake up alone. Someone from our team will be there to make sure you are feeling well. You won’t be rushed. You can take your time waking up, and your anesthesia team will stay in touch with nursing staff to make sure you’re comfortable. We’ll make sure that the people waiting for you know that you are doing great, and roughly how long it will be until they can see you.

Bottom line? We don’t want you to feel concerned about anything to do with your procedure except preparing for it in advance, and recovering fully afterward. You can rest assured that our anesthesia providers and the rest of your medical team are fully prepared to take care of everything else, from admission through discharge.

Care Experience

Our patients have told us that knowing the process surrounding their procedure was helpful. Here’s what you can anticipate in the coming weeks or months:

Before Surgery

Our staff will check in with you either with a phone call or at your visit to our preoperative clinic to talk about how you should prepare for the procedure (including which medications to stop taking and when), and what to expect from your anesthesia team the day of surgery.

Day of Surgery

Once you arrive in your room and change into your surgical gown, your anesthesia team will stop by, do a brief examination, ask you a few questions, and tell you what type of anesthesia will be administered.

After Surgery

After the procedure is completed, your anesthesia team will continue to monitor your symptoms and pain level, and communicate with your surgeon if there are concerns or questions.


Having anesthesia can be overwhelming. You will speak to your anesthesia team on the day of surgery, but we can answer a few questions now about the types of anesthesia we provide and what will happen while you’re under our care.

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